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Hi-Wall Premier


For larger areas, the LFC series delivers 8kW-10kW of heating, but is still very efficient with all the features you want.

These smart looking models pack a punch with very powerful performance and are still super energy efficient. In fact, they will heat large areas effortlessly yet give you the quietness, energy savings and extra features you’d expect from Fujitsu

Super efficient
Significantly higher energy efficiency has been achieved with Fujitsu’s DC twin rotary compressor, DC Inverter control and DC fan motor technologies.


Healthy air filters

Fujitsu’s advanced filter systems can help contribute to a fresher and cleaner living environment.


Fujitsu’s Catechin Filters

are approved by the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation

NZ’s Sensitive Choice ® Programme

Catechin filter
These clever filters use static electricity to collect fine dust, invisible mould spores, pollen and harmful micro-organisms from the air.
The filter contains catechin which is highly effective against many bacteria because it suppresses the growth of bacteria absorbed by the filter.

Long-life ion deodorisation filter (optional)
This filter absorbs common household odours such as kitchen and pet smells.

Economy Operation
Switch to economy operation and you will be saving even more energy with this already efficient heat pump. Using this operation will shift the indoor temperature by 1°C and suppress the power of the outdoor unit.

Super quiet
ALL Fujitsu Hi-Wall models are equipped with 4 fan speeds including quiet fan mode, allowing some of the indoor units to operate as low as 21 decibels. In addition to this, Fujitsu’s fan technology means that our models are quiet even when working their hardest to quickly heat or cool a room.

10˚C heat operation
This function on the remote control will prevent the room temperature from falling below 10°C, so the room will never be too cold when you are away.

STANDARD Control options
• Four timer settings (On/Off/Program/Sleep timers) • Easy to operate controls

• Easy-to-change across all modes

Optional remote controls
(Connection module required)

Compact outside units
Fujitsu’s outside units set the industry standard for compact design yet still deliver all the power required, while efficient airflow design reduces operation noise.

Blue fin heat exchanger
65% of Kiwis live within reach of salt-laden air. That’s why Fujitsu’s outside heat exchange units are coated with a blue corrosion-resistant material to enhance durability and help extend the performance life of your heat pump.

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