e3 WiFi Edition

e3 technology with built-in WiFi. Compact, Low Noise Mode, Energy Saving Control, Power Boost Mode.

These new models in the e3 Series now have a built-in wireless LAN interface, so you can control your Heat Pump from your smartphone or tablet

WiFi Features
With easy to understand Icons.

Easy operation anywhere by Smartphone and Tablet
One mobile device can control up to 24 indoor units remotely. Multiple devices can also control a single unit.

Email operation

Weekly Timers
Control multiple models from one device or control one model from multiple devices

How it works
Built-in wireless LAN interface. By using the built-in LAN adaptor and the FGL Air app, the Heat Pump system can be controlled from anywhere, anytime.

Energy Saving Control

Powerful Mode
Delivers 20 minutes of continuous operation at maximum airflow and maximum compressor speed. This rapid cooling and heating makes the room comfortable faster.

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